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blue2purple: Experts in SEA and Specialist Analytics

blue2purple is a marketing agency whose performance has redefined digital limits.


From Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to Programmatic Buying, we allocate our media budgets and resources to the opportunities that have the most potential for reaching your goals.


We are convinced that we offer a significant added value as partners and consider transparency, dialogue and reactivity to be the pillars of a fruitful collaboration with our clients.


Skill and experience complete the picture. All the members of our team have Official Google Partner accreditation as well as certification in Analytics. DoubleClick certification is the new standard for professional training in the latest deployments in digital marketing.


Our clients work in an ultra-competitive environment, and we make this our daily challenge. Due to our mastery of all the elements related to the rapid growth of the online business sector and to the tools developed specifically by our firm, blue2purple is now a major player in the field of digital deployment.


blue2purple is the agency you have been looking for if:

     Your company’s growth evolves around digital deployment

     The digital media mix is geared to optimum performance

     Your goal is to reach the highest ROI

     An understanding of what drives growth is a key factor in accelerating your deployment

     You are seeking a performance-based business model

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