What’s Next on Digital

Today blue2purple partnered with Google and hosted an exclusive event at GooglePlex Brussels: What’s Next on Digital? The theme: exploring the future of digital marketing and the importance of integrating business intelligence in your marketing mix.
More than 80 persons showed up at our event to listen to various speakers from different companies such as Broadkat, a creative agency specialized in video creation, Google, blue2purple and Virtuology.

Let’s take a deep dive into what they discussed during that thrilling day.

The event started with Laurence Baeten and the new agencies’ ecosystem, explaining where the digital market is headed and how blue2purple manages to always stay one step ahead.


We jumped right into the next conference with Anthony Belpaire who displayed how machine learning helps digital media strategies. Picture an automated customer service where a bot could answer when you speak to your mobile and you’ll have a peek into the future that awaits us!

Thanks to an impressive demonstration, Gaëtan Godart showed us how the Internet of Things, while being a goldmine for your digital campaign today, could potentially ruin the web tomorrow! 90% of today’s data was created in just 2 years and only 0.5% of that data is analysed.


Following a little coffee break, Lisa Diamant and Erna Kuc gave us their top 3 best practices for your business, supported by client cases. They shared with us the key drivers to make a good client briefing and how to create personaes.


Our partner Broadkat had Jean-Vianney Philippe showing us how to make your brand stand out in a video ocean. Jean-Vianney gave us the 3 main pillars to build your brand the right way. First: find your video strategy, spot the moments of truth and invest your effort there! Second: create content with an artistic direction that will support the message and the business objective. Last but not least, measure your impact!


We ended the What’s Next on Digital with Virtuology CEO Cédric Donck’s inspiring speech about how to lead and manage employees while fostering creativity in the new digital age.