More than just a digital media agency, blue2purple is glad to partner with the Belgian Red Cross and organise a blood donation day together. It has become a tradition in our company and the purpleteam is trying to donate as often as they can.

Every day there are new instances where our blood can save a life: traffic accidents, leukemia patients, haemophiliacs, burned victims. In Belgium more than 250.000 people receive blood every year and you could be next. Unfortunately there is a lack of donors and we feel it is our duty to help those in need. The few minutes it takes to donate blood translate into decades for someone waiting for a transfusion.

The blood donation will take place at Avenue Louise 523 in the KBC conference room on Tuesday 23th May 2017 from 9am to 16pm. Want to be a part of it? Book a time slot, it only takes 30 minutes and could save a life!

blood donation