Annick Vandersmissen


Being a serial entrepreneur, I love the dynamics between the idea of a business and the creation of a team that makes it grow. Combining result-driven marketing with RTB triggered my quest for excellence: Digital Performance Marketing is made for me! blue2purple is a perfect example of that: the Digital Media Agency of the future will be Programmatic or will not be at all.

Don’t tell anyone, I’m an avid reader. And I hate to watch a movie without having read the book first!

Gaëtan Godart

Client Service Director

It’s not just a job; it’s a passion. The constant evolution of digital marketing pushes me to reinvent myself every day.
Communicator at heart, I like to meet people, share and learn through experiences that life can offer. You guessed it right; I’m an optimist.
My typical working day combines reflection / strategic analysis, development of new visions for our advertisers, and team coaching with P&L management. Yes, I love Return on Investment!

Keep it a secret: I hate wearing pants without a belt and I love fishing.

Laurence Baeten

Operations Director

Creative and full of energy, I realized that publicity was made for me. Always on the lookout for the latest innovations and never lacking in resources, I work in the BI team and my nickname is “CPA crasher”. Digital Marketing has now become my passion! Though my days are online, my leisure time is crazy fun and very social.

Don’t tell anyone, but when I decide on something I don’t give up. I am obstinate… but not stubborn. On the other hand I sometimes have a bad memory

Lisa Diamant

Senior Account Executive

The need to be active, to evolve, and to never stop growing is an integral part of me. As an artistic but well-grounded soul, I was immediately attracted to the marketing sector, and more specifically to digital marketing. The constant evolution and the innumerable challenges of the sector are a perfect match for my vision of the ideal job.

Though I am very shy by nature, I become quite the entertainer with a microphone or a guitar (or both) in my hands.

Here’s a little secret about me: the idea of eating a tomato gives me the creeps, and I love to write songs… about my dear colleagues!

Patrick Kohnen

Webmetrics Expert

I need to get to the bottom of everything to understand its mechanism’s and reinvent some. The technological developement of Digital Marketing tools is made for me. I love the challenge in the Data Visualization that comes with it. The real challenge isn’t anymore Big Data, but Smart Data!

Don’t tell anyone: Once I have a passion for something, I jump in at the deep end. Sometimes even to the point of forgetting other things…

Karima Neveu

Account Manager

I’ve always had a passion for communications and marketing, so it was no surprise that I landed in the online advertising sector. I have never at any time regretted my choice and every day I take advantage of the challenges I have to deal with.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am (a bit too) curious, and I am petrified whenever I ride a roller coaster.

Christina Roggemann

Paid Search Expert

I began with an internship at blue2purple and decided to stay because I was in the digital marketing sector: the perfect blend of strategy, measurability and creativity.

Don’t tell anyone, but I love chocolate as much as I hate cakes!

Joris De Ryck

Account Executive

I’m and early adopter: I love discovering, testing and  looking for the best combination between the intelligent processes and automatisation. The universe of a Digital Media Agency is the perfect playground to discover the sharpest marketing technologies.  Combining business with pleasure to create tailored strategies with the use of new tools.

Don’t tell anyone: I have no idea what I’ll discover today, but I’m already impatient to test it to the limits so i’ll have an excuse to try something else tomorrow!

Julia Quinten

Paid Media Expert

Ever since I understood the power of Marketing – through the “Baby&Me” Evian campaign – I realized that it was made for me. With the increasing digitisation of our society, Digital Marketing has become a must and I did not want to miss out on this opportunity. Permanent evolution is my motivation, and my eagerness to learn has not left me to this day.

Don’t tell anyone: as a child, I was a fan of Pinky & the Brain and just like them, I wanted to conquer the world.

Nowadays, my ambition is to spread joy around me. Furthermore, my backpack is always ready as I am an insatiable globetrotter.

Mélissa Colemonts

Paid Search Expert

After a first experience in retail, I wanted to explore new horizons. That’s when I heard about blue2purple. I discovered its values, field of expertise, employees and I immediately wanted to be a part of it. So I was lucky in being able to enter the dynamic world of Digital Marketing that I discovered during my studies. But, above all, I have had the chance to be a part of a team that is cohesive and that pays attention to each other.

Don’t tell anyone, to explore the world is my biggest dream… As well as to remain in the warmth of my beloved bed!

Lukas Hermus

Programmatic Expert

I have always had an interest in technology and marketing so I immediately felt at home in the world of online marketing. The fast evolution of online advertising motivates me because I want to constantly improve what I do as well as myself. This evolution also offers many opportunities to achieve great results.  In my spare time I like doing sports although I also like sitting on the couch to watch some movies or series.

Don’t tell anyone, I really don’t like horror movies

Gaëtan Meert

Account Executive

On a basketball field I love the combination of speed and agility. In Digital Marketing I can see a constantly evolving environment. You must be competitive, reinvent yourself, be ready to understand the new features and use them as a bridge between what has existed and what is meant to disappear. Getting into that creative mindset is a true passion for me.

Don’t tell anyone: I’m a real beach boy. My backpack and my surfboard are always ready for a small trip to go catch the funky waves on an exotic (or not) place.

Antoine Struelens

Paid Social Expert

I’ve been fiddling with computers and technology ever since I was able to take apart my old Pentium II, so my inner geek was naturally drawn to the digital side of advertising and marketing. The part I love most about working in a Digital Media Agency is the perpetual challenge of staying on top of the latest innovations and displaying creativity to make the best of the new tools at my disposal.

Don’t tell anyone but I am pretty sure I was a fish in a previous life. I love nothing more than spending hours in a pool.

Bruno Durbecq

Paid Search Expert

I had the chance to start working at blue2purple when I was 15 as trilingual jobist. They gave me the opportunity to work in a fast evolving sector and that’s why I instantly agreed to invest my time in this team.
I dedicate myself to being on the lookout for new things and I constantly try to find new concepts in order to make the lives of customers and colleagues easier.

Don’t tell anyone but I’m really scared of horses and I party like there’s no tomorrow.

Marko Tavra

Paid Search Expert

I like the competition, to get out of my comfort zone and to push myself, whether I face professional objectives or a boxing match. Integrating the Digital Marketing sector allows me to push the limits of my performance. I challenge the results to be reached and target the successes to be achieved. I am looking forward to everything that remains to be discovered.

Do not repeat it, but I’m a real series-addict! I have a precise agenda of my current series, and I very much dislike to be SPOILED!

Erna Kuc

Senior Digital Consultant

When you wake up and the first thing you do is search for new evolutions in digital marketing, you realise that you are in love.
The creative ways of thinking and the almost endless possibilities of digital marketing, fascinate me. Not just throwing wet spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks but leveraging real data and strategic targeting to determine our audience and connect with them using the most effective methods, became my passion.
Working in a team with optimists where we keep on going until we found a way to make it happen, gives me energy.

Don’t tell: I always manage to ruin my own surprises.



Passionate about IT and entrepreneurship, I’m also a “tech angel” helping early-stage or more mature companies grow faster thanks to my technical background and my network of experts. My strength is pragmatism. I transform abstract concepts into understandable ones.

Don’t tell anyone, my sense of humor is not always noticed at first. But it can be as fierce as it is discreet.

Simon Crabbé

Junior Programmatic Expert

A bit of a curious geek. More analytical than literary, I like challenges. And I love the way Digital Marketing is constantly evolving – using its creativity, strategy and innovation to push performance limits even higher.

 Don’t tell anyone, but I was born into a family of butchers, and I’m a true carnivore. Meat is my guilty pleasure.

Christophe Hermann

Junior Programmatic Expert

The world is my playground; I’m a globe-trotter. I found my calling thanks to an internship in Hong Kong – the new technologies and innovation. As an Early Adopter, I soak up strategies and concepts. My creative side does the rest.

Don’t tell anyone, but although I’m calm and thoughtful by nature, when I run onto the hockey pitch I turn into a machine with only one goal in mind: winning.

Philippe Delvaux

Data Scientist

I’m a scientist at heart; I observe how the world works. When its different components interact my “eternally unsatisfied” side takes things apart and examines them. My analyses relate to Big Data, trending toward Smart Data. 

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m hooked on French politics, poetry and Mixed Martial Arts… the least likely combinations are not impossible.


Operations Manager

What I like? Discovering and testing new things, going on adventures… I love travelling. To my delight, i can almost find all of this in my job: the world of Digital Marketing, where innovation is always welcome, a world that keeps evolving. But it’s not only that. Thanks to my job I can share, teach but also learn at the same time.

Don’t tell anyone: I hate little insects, I’m always under the impressions that they’re going to get in my ears, it’s horrible!


Junior Social Support

A youthful mistake is always forgivable.   I was convinced that a job in the banking sector was what I wanted… until I discovered Digital Marketing. Joining blue2purple is the best choice I’ve ever made. The opportunity to combine technology and creativity gives me a real sense of fulfillment. So here I am and here I stay.

Don’t tell anyone,  but when I’m on stage I cannot stop dancing.


Paid Search Support

Being perfectionistic and rational at the same time, I’m seeing the glass always half full. Don’t be satisfied with what you have, when you can do better. I love a challenge! It’s because of all these reasons, working in the digital marketing is perfect for me. It’s an univers that evolves constantly.

Don’t tell anyone: Besides work, I’m passionate about cooking, especially pastry.


Junior Programmatic Support

Being a tech lover, after my telecommunication engeneering studies, the wind pushed me towards the world of digital marketing. A world that reassures me I’ll learn everyday. My slogan: “innovation, creation, sharing”.

blue2purple, my choice, my job, my passion, because each day, blue2purple opens my view on the future.

What I like? don’t tell anyone: music, especially acoustic versions. I also love to sing, it’s another way to express my feelings..


Junior Paid Search Support

The Web and technology are my passion, though mastering a skill is nearly impossible in the digital field because innovation is omnipresent. Nevertheless … challenge accepted! To me, positive emulation flows out of teamwork.

Don’t tell anyone, but playing music is a necessity! Too bad for those sensitive ears; I’m convinced that I’ll get better with practice… one day or another.


Junior Paid Search Support

With an academic background in Economics and a job in Marketing, the factual meets the virtual and the circle is complete. My life principles: discovery, adventure and gaining in knowledge – in short, lifelong learning!

Don’t tell anyone, but I love dogs. On the other hand, it’s not exactly a love story between me and beasties with endless numbers of legs!


Junior Paid Search Support

In my five years of Marketing, I was totally focused on the best that Digital has to offer. Yesterday’s results are only the first step in optimizing today’s. We need to keep pushing the limits of automatisation… and I’m on it.

What I like best? A job that requires you to re-certify every year!

Don’t tell anyone, but all notions of time slip away when I pick up a book. Forgetting to sleep is not uncommon.


Junior Paid Search Support

I’ve always been fascinated by the digital universe, just as I have always been fascinated by football. One day, having grown tired of being a spectator, I decided to join the game and prove that I could be a part of it. In football, I work with several methods. Who knows? In Madagascar, everything is possible… I’ve found my balance

Don’t tell anyone, but I love sitting with friends around a campfire and singing myself hoarse.

Cédric Donck


As a Business Angel for online startup activities, I have seen that performance marketing is becoming the ultimate driver for e-business. I have a passion for what I do and am devoted to the contagious enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs that I help bring out. The men and women who work with me will all have heard the saying that the talent of one always needs the confidence of another. I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of talented people!

Don’t tell anyone, but my strong work capacity rivals my ability to delegate.

Raoul Detry

Finance Director

I have always loved playing with numbers, which is why I turned to accounting as a career in the first place. After a short amount of time in industry, I leaped headfirst into the world of the Web and never looked back. Aside from the formal, legal aspects, my role is to help the managers navigate the team. To that end, I keep myself tirelessly informed with my feet planted solidly on the ground. I even prepare Excel files called TDFF (Truc De Fou Fieu).

Don’t tell anyone, but I have Windows installed on my MAC and I keep an eye out for the little grain of sand in the works.

Laurence Vandersmissen

HR & Administrative Executive

Trained in the banking sector, I joined blue2purple and its “Californian way of working”. Marketing, ongoing training and innovation are now part of my day. At the weekend, you will find me in the forest with my dogs and in the evening, I’ll sit by the fireplace.

Don’t repeat this, but I am a fan of repartee from the Troupe du Splendide and I detest creatures that crawl, slither, slide, or fly and have smaller feet than I do!