Best audience conversion rate

DMA Award winner for the most performing campaign for the Financial & Insurance scene!

Europ Assistance had a pain point to solve in 2016: convert younger people into clients. Travel insurance not being the sexiest product to sell to this audience, we had to think of a clever way to do so. What better place to reach them than where they are most present: Facebook. However, the question remained: how can we make this audience convert and buy a travel insurance in their own habitat?


→ Reach a younger audience (20-30)

→ Convert this audience into clients


→ 50 % conversion rate (= buy a travel insurance)

→ +25 % conversions from this audience (year over year)

→ Only 10 % extra budget to reach these results


We started by running a classic remarketing campaign on Facebook through using the data recorded by the Pixel, which was optimized based on all the user experiences on the website.

Despite a respectable conversion rate (4,8 %), this classical approach did not allow us to segment the prospects based on where they were in their buying cycle. We wanted to be able to retarget only hot prospects while respecting a controlled budget.

To refine our Facebook remarketing audience, we adapted the Facebook Pixel so that it would only include people that have done an active search on Google and clicked on our AdWords Campaigns. The combination of these two actions shows clear intent from the prospect and an active interest in the product.

The Facebook
Pixel technique

The Facebook Pixel allows you to create a remarketing list based on the traffic source. The idea was to create the segment including the specific code that AdWords automatically adds to a destination URL.

With this technique, we used data to link the two marketing platforms and have them interact. This allowed us to qualify our audience in Facebook, targeting only those who arrived on the website through a search on Google and a click on AdWords.

Excellent results
and an Award!

By using this technique, the conversion rate in our remarketing campaigns increased by 1.000 %. In fact, with a conversion rate of no less than 50 %, we were able to guarantee the same volume of conversion than the regular remarketing campaign, while dividing the budget invested by ten.

The saved budget was reinvested in prospecting campaigns in order to gain more prospects, resulting in more sales. Thanks to this approach, we actually doubled the sales on Facebook. The media mix between the two channels was then fully redefined thanks to this “little big trick”.

Last but not least, we submitted this case at the Digital Marketing Awards organized by Bloovi and won the Award for most performing campaign for the Financial & Insurance scene.

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