Display Advertising

Display plays an important role in your marketing strategy. As a marketeer you’ve understood the logic of a buying cycle and you know that your customers don’t just buy from the first touchpoint. Brand awareness needs to be built in order for your future customer to know you and consider you at a later stage. Display plays an important role here.

It’s the easiest way to build up your brand awareness through classical bannering. But display isn’t only for brand awareness, it can help your customer engage with you or even more: be performance-based and increase your sales or customer loyalty. Whatever strategy you choose for your display, you need to have clear objectives you want to reach in order to make your business grow.

Real Time Bidding (or RTB for those in the know) and Programmatic Buying have become quite popular in the past months and they will keep on growing in the coming months. Today this channel’s investments already represent 5,75% of total digital media investments.

The reason for this success? You target your campaigns based on your audience preferences, not on the media itself. In other words it’s the right message, to the right audience, at the right moment in all inventories. You build a strategy based on consistent communication, powerful remarketing and deduplication.

The result: you get higher performance out of your bannering campaigns. When developing a digital marketing plan, RTB is a must-have.

Affiliation, is the most known form of performance marketing. For a business the aim is to reward an affiliate according to the obtained conversion volume on his website. In other words, this consists of putting in place an attractive affiliation program.

blue2purple brings you its vertical benchmarks and experience in order to always make you pay the right price for every business opportunity. The golden rule is to correctly manage the de-duplication and validation process that blue2purple can manage via CRM systems and Tag Management.

When managed correctly this channel has proven to be very effective with a positive ROI across the main top platforms such as Awin, NetAffiliation, Tradedoubler, and many others.