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3 ways Digital Marketing changed in 2017

1. Content marketing was key

2017 marked the key moment for content. And it will continue in 2018 as it is not a trend but a perpetual motion that marketers should follow. Studies showed that, according to marketers content marketing comes before big data and artificial intelligence.

The strongest brands on social media published three different types of content according to the 3 H Strategy

  1. Hero Content : viral content that people love to share and comment massively on social media.
  2. Hub Content : the stories that make a consumer wants to read the other articles proposed on the website. The key is to produce entertaining, educational and addictive content.
  3. Help Content : this content constitutes the answers to consumer’s questions related to the brand’s products or services. It could be shown through blog posts or video series.

2. Customer experience was improved through personalisation integration

Most of transactional e-commerce sectors such as retail, financial services and travel have been used website personalization for a long time.

Customers want to be shown relevant content to make a conversion.

Make sure that your audiences are clearly identified in Google Analytics and follow the three following levels:

1. Optimization : AB Testing and structured experiments were launched by Google in 2017.

2. Segmentation : target groups which are interested in different types of content in order to increase relevance and conversion

3. 1 to 1 personalisation : you can offer a personalized experience to each of your customers by using Artificial Intelligence
3. Social Apps were integrated into communications

In 2017, messaging apps were a major trend, as texts, photos and social media posts can be easily shared through Messenger or Whatsapp.

No wonder that companies have integrated this consumer behaviour into their marketing strategies. For example, Pizza Express started using Messenger to let their customers book a table. Ikea used chatbots for customer satisfaction : instead of the classical survey, they had a real conversation with participants.

In 2018, your digital marketing plan won’t be efficient if you miss to associate digital video content with classic formats, such as bannering, search ads and TV or movie spots.

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