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5 Ecommerce Techniques for connecting with Millennial Shoppers.

Millennials (18y-34y) got money, they got power, they are the market for e-commerce success.

Here are 5 ways to sell your product to the millennial shopper.

1.Whatever you sell, sell it online.

Millennials are a group that has always been comfortable with online shopping. With 40% of the male and 33% of the female millennials admitting they would buy everything online if they could, there is a great potential in online shopping.

So what are retailers doing? Only 50% of them have an online presence. The others are still exploring or building a mobile website.


2. Create a shopping experience that is optimized for every device.

Millennials are active on almost every device. They will check their smartphone up to 34 times a day and prefer shopping via mobile.

So what can retailers do? Well, first of all create a mobile optimized shopping experience. Big images and buttons need to be part of every mobile website. Second, step away from the traditional long forms of a desktop checkout. This will not work for mobile-using millennial shoppers. They want an easy payment and checkout process and here is where the biggest opportunity lies. According to Yahoo, only 12% of retailers offer mobile payment options. So, if you belong to those few, you will score big with the millennials.


3. Make social sharing a core component of your marketing efforts. 

Millennials are the people who share and tweet about purchasing. They love interacting on social media. When preparing for a purchase decision, up to 66% of them ask advice from friends. 93% of the millennials claim they have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a friend or family.

And what does a millennial do when he/she is pleased with that purchase? That’s right, they recommend it and share it online.


4. Develop a content marketing effort aimed at millennials.

Before purchasing, 85% of the millennial shoppers conduct some research, mostly on the company’s website. Thus, the content you provide on your website is extremely important.

Even though your content is important, millennials also prefer to be in control of how they engage with your company. Most millennials prefer easy opt-out email and on/off decision making for their purchasing.


5. Create a coupon and loyalty strategy for millennial. 

Millennial shoppers are always on the look for a good deal before purchasing.

Here lies a lot of potential for retailers. Not many e-commerce platforms are offering mobile coupons and if you know that a 20 % discount is enough to get 50% of the millennials to visit a retail location, you might want to consider offering mobile coupons.


For more information about e-commerce visit https://blog.kissmetrics.com/connecting-with-millennial-shoppers/ or blue2purple.com

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