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A better workflow management ?


It’s easier with bulk editing ! Prepare yourselves in time for the many changes you will have to make to your AdWords campaigns for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.

1. Bulk editing: Settings & Extensions

You can now quickly edit your campaign settings and extensions across multiple campaigns and adgroups, directly in AdWords. In just a few clicks you can change your ad rotation settings, update your sitelinks with your latest deal, and so on. This could spare you hours of tedious work !

2. Improved Bulk Uploads

Do you use spreadsheets to make offline changes to your campaigns ? Google improved the bulk uploads’ system which now includes – among others – more intuitive spreadsheet formats and a preview mode to check your updates before posting them, enabling you to detect errors before you upload the file.

3. AdWords Scripts for MCC

AdWords Scripts for MCC allows advertisers to easily make changes across multiple accounts, through JavaScript codes. You are thus able to: make cross-account changes, create customized reports, send automated e-mails and extract or upload data.

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Source: https://adwords.blogspot.be/2014/11/managing-your-accounts-at-scale-made.html

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