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Introduction to the Development of Digital Marketing Campaigns

This course helps you understand what clients do when they visit your website. By getting to know the types of signals that grab their attention, you can create marketing strategies that will provide you with measurable results for traffic that is increasingly more qualified.

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Basic Advertising

for Social Networks

This course aims to provide you with a deep understanding of the Facebook Business Manager interface. You will learn how to set up high-performance ad campaigns, analyze statistics and adapt your strategy based on these results.

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Google Ads

In this introductory course, you will learn how to get started with Google Ads. You will receive a great deal of advice, tips, and strategies that you can immediately put to use to optimize your advertising campaigns.

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The advertising market is increasingly dependent on technology, yet programmatic technology is still a mystery to many marketing professionals. We can show you how to save time and money and keep ahead of developments in this field.

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SEO Basics

From theory to practice, how does Google index your website after crawling it? Here are the methodology and tools that will let you audit what they see… and what a search engine doesn’t see. Link building made simple.

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Measurement Academy

How to reconcile Sales and Marketing metrics around a common strategy in terms of micro-targets. You will learn the 4 pillars that apply to each of your products or services: conscience, consideration, conversion and loyalty.

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Introduction to Google Analytics
and the Google 360 suite

Discover the Google 360 suite and get to know how Doubleclick synergies work. Identify pertinent KPIs in accordance with your targets and optimize your website and digital communication strategy according to the results of your analyses.

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Manage Corporate

This course will give you a grasp on how important innovation is for your company. You will learn techniques for encouraging and managing innovation within your teams in order to maximize growth.

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Build your Brand with Marketing Video

You will learn how to develop a video strategy and accurately predict what efforts you will need to make in this plan. You will be able to spot your brand’s opportunities for video marketing and use high-performance tools to analyze your current video environment.

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Digital Marketing
for Local Retail

Are you a retail business? This program shows you how to adapt to the latest digital trends in order to succeed in the omni-channel playing field created by GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple).

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Digital Maturity Map

How can you keep from getting lost in the wave of digital marketing? What are the online avenues for growth that relate to your business? How can you map your online strengths and the opportunities to implement? Is your marketing budget in line with your goals? What is the best timing for a particular initiative? DMM is an easy-to-use tool that, in a few clicks and some twenty questions, gives you a detailed analysis of your digital maturity at any given time.

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Rich Media & Video Marketing

Automatic creation of digital content based on the use of data flows is limitless. Machine learning coupled with dynamic remarketing lets digital platforms create infinite combinations of elements collected from the start of traffic on your site. Web design skills are now just the background of an expertise is built around targeting audiences and collecting data.

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