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3 Pillars of the Creation Process

3 Pillars of the Creation Process

The behavior of an online consumer is different from that of an offline customer. The creative digital approach cannot be the same as the one developed for the aforementioned media. It must also adopt the online codes. In digital, we use the data signals to enhance our creations.

This course provides training for any creative agency wishing to better master digital formats and when to use them, with specific focus on the particular areas of strategic approach to online consumers.

What format, for what type of message, at what point in the consumer journey, with what dissemination pressure and for how long?

During this course, your teams will learn to master the digital creation codes. Media is consumed differently depending on the chosen channel, the audience, the device used, etc. Each contact point in a digital funnel requires a different format: skippable or not, pre-roll or in the feed? Digital content is highly specific! You will see how a traditional campaign with one or two videos can be transformed into 33 video formats, for the same price.

This program will be of interest to creative staff and strategists alike, because format specificity influences the entire campaign, from strategy to storytelling:

  • Strategists 
  • Creative staff 
  • Account managers 

In this half-day course, Jean-Vianney Philippe will be your guide in the area of digital creation.

The big idea in digital

  • A business goal to meet
  • Emotions to create
  • How to develop a creative concept in line with a digital strategy

Creative digital process

  • Development of a digital first creative concept
  • How to take media consumption into account in the creative process
  • Preparing creative teams to work differently
  • Video is a living product

Digital production

  • From 500K to 50K in production budget
  • How to brief a digital first production team

Digital post-production

  • From 1 format to 40
  • A/B testing
  • The dos and don’ts of digital post-production
  • In-campaign optimization
  • Duration: Half day

Jean-Vianney Philippe

Jean-Vianney Philippe is the Managing Director at Broadkat: a video marketing agency. He acquired a wealth of experience in strategic communications working for large international organizations such as the European Parliament, Henkel, and Philip Morris International. He is also a regular speaker for many companies such as Solvay Business School, Vlerick Business School, IHECS, Google, BNP Paribas Fortis, Social Media Summit, and now Virtuology Academy.

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