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Demystify Instagram

Demystify Instagram

Our Senior Social Advertising Expert at blue2purple, Antoine Struelens will explain to you how you could unlock the business potential of Instagram for your business.

Every advertiser is present on social media, Facebook has no secrets anymore, but when it comes to Instagram there’s still a world to discover.

How can you use this channel to its maximal potential? What are the best practices? And how do you measure your return?

The question that is frequently asked: should I have a separated strategy for Instagram, or can I just combine it with Facebook?

Antoine, social media guru, will walk you through all these questions through a workshop. We will cover targeting, creative aspects, KPI’s and all the keys needed to unlock Instagram’s full potential for your specific business.

This course is intended for Marketers who are interested in developing their strategy on Instagram.

  • ½ day workshop
Antoine Struelens, Senior Social Advertising Expert at blue2purple.

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