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Demystifying Digital Marketing

Demystifying Digital Marketing

Media budgets are interdependent; media plans are no longer built in silos, and campaign targets have become global ones. How not to make the connection between on- and offline? Beginning with a campaign briefing, all of the phases of an integrated campaign are developed around a single axis: being client centric.

From theory to practice, the size and value scales explained in this course will give you access to uniform metrics readings, purchasing techniques, inventories and reporting. The goal of this course is not just a lexical one: as you gain greater understanding of targeting, audiences and persona, it will be essential to capitalize on GRP concepts to envisage those of reach.

This course is intended for experienced Marketers who are well-versed in traditional media plans and who are cautiously contemplating the digital field. No digital experience is required for this course which is based on the gateways between offline and online.

The course begins with a traditional media plan and translates it to a digital format, then deconstructs the digital version to arrive at an integrated on- and offline version. The method is based on the analysis of all of the marketing tools enabling resource and budget optimization. The time factor is discussed with regard to the short-term actions to be carried out and the plans to be activated over a longer period. Sequencing interventions and dissemination logic are decoded in a domino effect logic specific to the online and offline synergy.

  • Duration: Half day

Karima Neveu

Karima Neveu is Digital Strategy Manager at blue2purple. She joined the adventure almost 6 years ago and saw her career evolve from the “expert” department (managing all sorts of digital campaigns: Search, Social Ads, Programmatic Buying, etc.) to a more consultive role towards advertisers. She has a pragmatic approach, always keeping an eye on the advertisers’ end goal. Passionated about data and marketing, she strives to accompany advertisers by sharing those passions.

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