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Acquisition Device Report, new way to track you down

Google Analytics launched Acquisition Device report. It gives the opportunity to understand the customer’s journey on all devices they use. It connects data from multiple sessions to see the complete conversion process from start to finish.

Using this system, companies know, for example, through which device you visited their website and by which you purchased a product. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to create smarter audiences which are based on the actions taken by users on types of devices or do remarketing campaigns based on the recurrence of times customers visited the website across devices. blue2purple can give you the opportunity to have a free audit of your metrics tools and help you develop an accurate campaign which gives customized experiences. With cross-device data, the Acquisition Device report helps experts to take more informed product and marketing decisions and helps to bring more pertinent and advantageous experiences to customers.

Understanding conversion attribution is a current challenge for marketing experts. This new reporting asset will help give us better tools to serve the customer’s journey.

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