Amazon DSP: What’s in it for you?

The term DSP (Demand Side Platform) usually causes a lot of confusion among advertisers. However, it is simply an advertising buying and optimisation platform. Using real time bidding technology, where advertisers are able to buy advertising space on a large network of websites.
When referring to DSPs, some big names come to mind such as DV360, AppNexus, Adform, …

However, there is a new player on the market that deserves to be known and exploited: the Amazon DSP.

How is it innovative?
From a technological point of view, not much is new: it has a large inventory of websites (note that the Amazon website can also be considered as an inventory), and it works with bidding strategies and has a dedicated platform.
It is in the available targetings that the DSP of the American giant differentiates itself. When we know that 60% of the searches related to a product starts on Amazon (Sources: Bloomberg, McKinsey, Wunderman Thompson Commerce, Zenith), we can bet that Amazon knows a lot about the buying behaviour of its users: the frequency of purchase, the type of product, the wishes of its consumers, …
The next step was obvious: Jeff Bezos’ company obviously integrated all this data into the targeting of its own DSP.
It will then be very easy for you to target potential customers according to their buying behaviour.

Are you a new coffee brand? Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Via Amazon’s DSP, you can easily find information about people who regularly consume coffee by buying it via Amazon.

A second innovative point in the Amazon DSP is the possibility to create banners dynamically based on a product feed.  A must is that you need to provided the feed and your products already need to sold on Amazon. In such a case, you will be able to reduce your production costs related to the creation of creative material.
The banners offered by Amazon consist of a logo, product image, price, description and a call to action. Amazon even offers the possibility to create A/B tests between all these elements in order to find the best performing ones. 

If you are active on Amazon and you want to explore their DSP and maybe even try dynamic bannering, then this would be the perfect platform for you.

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