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AOB Missing Type

More than a digital media agency, blue2purple has made blood donation a tradition and the whole purpleteam agreed to partner with the Belgian Red Cross a few years ago.

On May 23, blue2purple and the Belgian Red Cross organised a blood donation day. Nearly 45 donors came, saving more than 125 lives. Thanks a lot to each of them! Take a look at the after movie of that solidarity day.

In the same way, the Belgian Red Cross has started an AOB Missing Type campaign from the 12th until the 19th of June.

The goal? Making people realise that blood donation is necessary!

What is the concept of an AOB missing campaign? The principle is quite simple: remove the letters A, O and B from all brands’ communications, such as the logo or in the community management.
Why A, O and B? These letters represent each blood group and this is why they are taken away from the communication, to point out that the Red Cross needs the blood as much as a logo or a phrase needs these letters!

This could have a great impact on everyone: realise that those letters are important to understand a message as much as blood is to survive!

blue2purple will also take part of the campaign by removing the letter “B” from its logo, and show its support to the Belgian Red Cross

One important date to remember: on June the 17th all the sampling centres will exceptionally stay open all day long. Moreover, the summer holidays are always a difficult period in terms of sampling so do not hesitate to make a donation!

Find the nearest center here: https://donneurdesang.be/fr/.


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