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How augmented reality allows you to play with brands ?

What’s better than just seeing a brand? Playing with it! Snapchat is one of the major actors in augmented reality. According to hootsuite and Snapchat, a quarter of Belgians say they used Snapchat in 2018 (around 3M unique monthly users – 54% women, 46% men). They spent half an hour a day on this platform and 70% of the DAU (daily active users) plays with or opens Snapchat’s lenses on a daily basis. This gives you a big opportunity to reach people that you otherwise wouldn’t. An opportunity that Louis Vuitton and Warner Bros. understood. 

Augmented Reality

Marketeers are always looking for new ways to engage with their audience. Augmented Reality (AR) could help achieve this. For example, you can choose to show your new product in 3D when scanning a code with a smartphone. This way, your audience check how the product goes with their outfit, its size,… Louis Vuitton did this and created a QR code activated lens on Snapchat. Their audience just needed to scan the code on the card and Louis Vuitton’s new bag appeared in 3D. 

Voice-activated AR lens

A particular example of this kind of technology has been used by Snapchat to promote Warner Bros.’s movie: “Shazam”. They used the first voice-activated AR lens in collaboration with Snapchat. The objective of this campaign was, firstly, to promote the film but also to involve Snapchat’s users in the game. The users only needed to say “Ok Shazam” in front of the lens in order to transform themselves. This lens could also be activated by scanning the QR code displayed across the entire campaign’s touchpoint.

“Did you know that the launch of snapchat’s gender swap and baby lenses doubled the app downloads for the month. These lenses have even gone viral. This shows that using Snapchat’s AR possibilities wisely, can increase the way your audience interacts with your brand enormously.” Femke Deweer, Social Advertising Expert.


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