Augmented Reality Shopping ads on Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook announced at a holiday shopping event that they are bringing augmented reality commerce ads to the platform.

US only so far
Only available in the US at the moment, the augmented reality ads are inspired by a Snapchat selfie filter already known and common among users. This technology represents a new opportunity for marketers to use AI in the smartest way possible for a personalised customer experience.

AR ads tested by brands
Those AR ads let Facebook users try on virtual renditions of products. Michael Kors was the first brand to test this feature which lets Facebook users try on sunglasses in different models and colors. Sephora also made a test on beauty products, where customers are able to test a lipstick and try different shades until they find the ones that suit them.

Different goals for Augmented Reality Shopping ads
AR Shopping ads can have different goals depending on the brand, according to Travis Freeman, executive vp at VaynerMedia : “For some brands, it’s all about brand relevance, and we’re going to try and create an experience that’s pushing brand lift,” Freeman said. “For others, it’s all about conversion in the moment, which I think is cool for Instagram because people are already ingrained in the notion of buying within the platform.”

A seamless user experience
“Looking at the consumer journey, of path to purchase even prior to activating the campaign, is a mandate,” Freeman said. “We won’t do it if it’s going to be a clunky experience. We’re only going to do it if it’s super seamless.”

Truly understanding customer needs can help companies improve the buying experience from the moment the customer starts considering a purchase. The goal is to make the consumer journey towards buying as easy, clear and efficient as possible.

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