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Belgium’s first Facebook blueprint certification

Have you ever dreamed about being the first to succeed at something? Being the first one in your country to own something that others do not? blue2purple is proud of its social media expert Antoine Struelens as the first person in Belgium holding the Facebook blueprint certification!
Giving us a competitive advantage in the digital field, blue2purple can easily help its clients achieve their goals with Facebook, by reaching the right audience with the right message and by obtaining great results. Knowing how to pull each string to get the most out of Facebook thanks to our expert is something you can’t let pass! Seize the opportunity to make the web your most lucrative sales channel.
Thanks to our strategy on Facebook, blue2purple won a DMA in 2016 with the Europ Assistance case, whose objective was to make younger people convert and become clients. Thus, the conversions in our remarketing campaign increased by 1000%! We also won the pitch for Delhaize and therefore now have their trust to start campaigns on social networks, reaching even more people and good results!
It’s just the beginning and with Facebook and the other social networks, blue2purple is ready to take advantage of everything we can to stand out, offering things others can’t.

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