blue2purple welcomes Lucie, celebrates Saint Nicholas and Laurence presents her second baby

We were lucky to meet Ilan, the beautiful second baby boy of Laurence This little baby melted the heart of all women at the office as he was calm and peaceful.

Saint-Nicholas visited blue2purple and made our colleagues’ children really happy. The kids have been nice and kind so they deserved some treats. Did you know? blue2purple counts already 5 b2p kids 😉

Cheerful and dynamic, Lucie Poliart embraced the blue2purple atmosphere in a flash and made everyone feels like she’s always been part of the team. Constantly in search of knowledge, the digital marketing field was made for her. Passionate of archeology and french language, Lucie spends most of her time reading old books in libraries and museums. But still water runs deep, and Lucie could surprise you.