LinkedIn announces Carousel Ads

As a marketeer, carousel ads should be familiar to you as this format is already available on Facebook.

LinkedIn only allowed to publish one single picture so far. Now, the professional social media lets you publish carousel ads for sponsored content. You will have the possibility to feature multiple visuals which can be horizontally swiped by people scrolling their LinkedIn feed.

Here are the 3 core objectives you can achieve with this new LinkedIn feature:

1. Tell a complete brand story
Up to 10 cards can be uploaded in a single carousel ad. Each car is customizable which allows the brand to communicated a complete message and story to the audience.

2. Command the attention of a professional audience
Originally composed of videos and photos, the LinkedIn newsfeed will be more attractive with the appearing of carousel ads which will stand out. The interactive and eye-catching visuals will encourage the audience to engage with your brand, both on desktop and mobile.

3. Drive results for all your business goals
Lead Gen forms can be easily added to carousel ads. This can help your brand focus on three main business goals : generate quality leads, prove you campaigns ROI through lead generation and manage your prospects easier thanks to the integration with your CRM or automation marketing tool.