Linkedin audiences can now be targeted by bing ads advertisers.

Bing ads is planning on launching a new feature that allows advertisers to target linkedin audiences.

An administrator on bing ads feature suggestion forum responded to a post from December 2016 where an advertiser suggested :

“Now that Microsoft owns LinkedIn, I (and my B2B clients) would love to be able to target their massively valuable audiences. Please add these into Bing Ads so we can take over the world together.”

The administrator recently responded that this functionality will be available end of this year.

Microsoft’s Audience Network uses LinkedIn to combine LinkedIn’s profile information with Microsoft’s search and web activity with demographic data, to serve the most relevant ad to the right audience at the right time.

The ability to target LinkedIn audiences will truly be unique to Bing Ads, as Google Adwords won’t be able to offer this. Given that Microsoft bought Linkedin for 26,2 billion in 2016.

Being able to target Linkedin audiences will be a big boon for B2B sales.