Why marketers need to prepare for a voice search revolution

Voice technology and voice search on mobile are rising. In 2018, there is an increase in sales of voice-activated smart-speakers.

The mobile-based on the go voice search has moved to a more static and smart-speaker oriented voice search which represents the trend coming.

Voice search vs voice commands

It is therefore crucial that your website is optimized by tagging relevant elements to be recognized for voice search.

However, there is a misconception between voice search and voice commands. “Call dad” or “Navigate home” are not search queries but voice commands.

There is a difference between voice commands, like “set a timer for 5 minutes” and voice search which is looking for informational queries that pull results from the web, like “what is the best Thaï restaurant around?”

What does voice search mean for marketers?

The question is : is voice search really a revolution that could impact marketers? How widespread is it in 2018 and what would be the opportunities?

Voice on mobile

First of all, it is important to remember that mobile voice search appeared before voice-controlled smart speakers. Users could directly ask their questions to Google Assistant or the well-known function ”Siri”. Most of the searches concerned local queries which was a sign that voice search would evolve into local and mobile.

However, with no statistics from Google on voice search since 2016, we can wonder if there was a noticeable growth in that kind of search until now in 2018.

It was observed that smart speakers were actually more used than mobile voice search.

How to optimize for mobile voice search

  • Ad a schema markup to your website to help Google identify the relevant elements on a page for a voice search.
  • Optimise your website for local, as most of queries are local
  • Make a check of your mobile SEO to help you keep a good ranking
  • Have a clear and concise content : avoid long paragraphs as people making search queries are probably on the go and do maybe not have time to read a long piece of content.

How to optimize for smart speaker voice search

  • As for mobile search voice, you should keep a readable and concise content which goes straight to the point
  • Structure the data to help search engines determines the elements on the page that contain the relevant information, such as opening hours or prices. The type of structure should be schema.org markup.
  • Put a focus on speed to give a boost in voice search

As did mobile not so many years ago, smart speaker voice search is rising now. This is not only a trend anymore but a habit that will be as usual as a search on a desktop or mobile device. Be there or be square.