blue2people elevates your digital talent pool through consultancy, training and aid in recruitment

The digital world is a fast moving one. It has a lot of challenges that keep coming at you every day: new platforms to use and/or advertise on, new technical skills to acquire, new languages to understand, etc. Which makes it that much more difficult to keep up or have a digital team that has an overall understanding of all of these and helps your business grow by successfully integrating a digital first approach

That’s why blue2people supports and empowers you from the comfort of your own office by providing skills, knowledge and methods that can help you thrive. How?
You’ll find an overview of the tailored made services we offer hereunder :


                                                                   1.YOUR OWN MEDIA BUYING TEAM

We will provide you with your own media buying team that will work as part of your team and operate campaigns at your office. 

Directly operational and based on the plug & play concept, you’ll enjoy the most advanced resources through the participation of specialists in every expertise of the various fields of Digital Marketing. Our team of experts will integrate your marketing team and operate your Paid Digital Media campaigns as a part of your team.


                                                                   2. STRATEGY/EXPERT CONSULTANCY

Our strategy consultants will support you by either incorporating or managing your teams and agencies & developing advanced strategies for your digital media

Our expert consultants have in-depth knowledge of all operating and technical aspects of their advertising platforms and how to manage & optimize your ads to best achieve your goals.


                                                                  3. ASSESSMENT & TRAINING

Do you have the right talents in your team? Do you want to make sure they’re at the top of their digital game? 

We’ll define your goals together, assess your team’s level of expertise and map out a customized and personalized training track based on their strengths and improvement points


                                                                  4. RECRUITMENT

We establish a trust relationship with you based on a common goal: make your company grow by working with talents that are perfect for you

We take on the hunting process and select the profiles we think will best fit your needs and your company’s values after which the talent is assessed and receives a mapping of his strengths and improvement points. You’ll know exactly who you’ll work with and what to expect. We’ll follow up with you, gather and communicate the feedback from each side in a very transparent way. If the fit isn’t right, we make sure you meet other candidates who could fit your needs, with no extra costs.


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