blue2people: the new blue2purple team. A tailor-made support service to develop the advertiser’s skills in digital media buying


blue2purple’s positioning and ambitions remain: digital first! Humans and access to the most advanced digital skills are at the heart of our concerns. blue2people aims to integrate qualified resources within the marketing departments. 

91% of brands make the decision to integrate the necessary digital marketing resources into their teams. Corporate consulting, as an answer to the internalization movement, is profitable to advertisers with an immediate activation. blue2purple meets this need by making its consultants and experts available for interim assignments in digital media buying. Following the principle of modularity, the external resource integrates the marketing department in plug&play mode.

A positioning focused on people, a passion for digital marketing and an innovative mission

Integrating competencies into a marketing department is not new. The concept is based on the economy of knowledge and the “learn by doing” method. The structural weakness of companies is the lack of time spent by marketers on such learning.

Thanks to the internal synergies within the Virtuology International Group – shareholder of blue2purple – and the training method deployed by the Virtuology Academy, digital experts are trained for the digital skills’ transmission. It is a dynamic based on talents and the continual process of skills acquisition method. 

A new vision for blue2purple 

blue2purple wants to be a partner in the appropriation of all digital issues by advertisers. If data was qualified as “the new oil” until recently, with the digital transformation of our businesses, the acquisition of skills becomes the creation of value within company

“The challenges brought about by the digital transformation of companies – and particularly marketing departments – require companies to reconsider the resources made available to their employees. The frantic pace of assimilating new knowledge is irreconcilable with the required time to devote to it. By providing digital experts – trainers we solve the problem efficiently and quickly”, says Laurence Baeten, Managing Director blue2purple.

Recently initiated at Brussels Airlines, blue2people now carries out the daily follow-up of the campaigns’ performances and strategies. After several years of collaboration between the marketing teams of Brussels Airlines and blue2purple, a strong mutual trust has been established. With a perfect knowledge of the activities carried out there, our Lisa strengthens the team with her knowledge and experience as Digital Marketing Manager

“This service is a real added value for Brussels Airlines. Fully integrated into the team, this new recruit faces daily challenges, ensures the strategies’ implementations and performances predefined jointly with the team. This service has major advantages for companies of our type: knowledge input for the team, 360° expertise on digital marketing strategy and a flexible solution”.

Heidi De Cloet – Head of Digital Marketing and CRM | Digital Brussels Airlines

In-house consulting is a strategic and technical accompaniment whose purpose is to develop the skills already present within the company or to integrate new profiles. Whether it is a short or long-term replacement, it is important for the advertiser to develop its digital maturity and ensure continuity in a context of change.

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