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blue2purple expands its competences

Since last Monday blue2purple officially got access to the Snapchat advertising platform.
With more than 166 million daily users, the photo sharing social network is an inescapable asset for growing your business and reach a unique audience.


Whether you want to raise awareness, increase consideration or drive actions like app installs or ticket sales, Snapchat offers you powerful tools to achieve your goals.

Want to reach you audience based on their location, age and gender? In a creative an innovative way using special Filters or Lenses? In their daily moments? While building meaningful memories? Our social expert team can help you build the most effective Snapchat campaign and get the best results thanks to a dedicated ad reporting tool.

Today more than 3 billion Snaps are created and shared every day between friends. Tomorrow, your ad could be among those thanks to blue2purple.


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