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blue2purple joins the Web Summit, where the tech world meets 🚀

This November blue2purple is joining the #WebSummit in Lisbon, the world’s largest conference event of its kind, to hear from the world’s most influential leaders in tech, politics, sport, fashion and entertainment. We will join 70 000 people, the CEO’s and founders of the world’s biggest companies, the most promising new startups, influential investors and leading journalists on this massive technology conference to ask a simple question: where to next?

blue2purple is organizing the Belgian delegation for the third year. This means we will be on the front row to all kinds of talks touching technology. From finance and entrepreneurship to sustainable development, mobility, health or sports : stay tuned. More information is coming soon. Don’t miss our catch of the day.

For those who can’t join us in Lisbon, there will be a podcast that will broadcast live on-stage content thanks to PodcastOne. It will give people the chance to relive Web Summit conferences or experience them for the first time.

Meet the speakers here, we are already looking forward to discover how they will stretch our minds!

2017 Summit Belgian delegation

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