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blue2purple shares its digital knowledge with ASBLissimo!

The non-profit organisations’ sector represents 12 000 active companies in Belgium today and spends 35 billion € each year. Active in various and diversified fields of expertise, the non-profit organisations achieve an essential work in the social cohesion, the cultural and sports development, solidarity and innovation.

By building new ideas and organising seminaries, congresses and conferences, ASBLissimo’s objective is to promote the role of the future heads of communication of non-profit organisations and to valorise the impact of their leaders.
Managing a communication plan for a non-profit organisation requires as much transparency and rigour as that of any other ROI driven actor in the trade sector.
blue2purple shares its expertise in digital marketing by means of strategic support, its innovative techniques of broadcasting and integrated media plans in which the word “silo” will never be pronounced again!


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