Boost your video communication through a free workshop

Broadkat, one of our partners within the Virtuology Group, offers a free 2 hour session in which
they introduce the opportunities and challenges of video in digital.

According to the Cisco video will continue to dominate overall Internet traffic – representing 80%
of all Internet traffic by 2021. So it is crucial for companies and organisations to use digital video to its full benefits.

Therefore Broadkat organises a video workshop to help your company grow and to educate your
marketing and digital team on how to improve their digital (video-) campaigns through a series of
insights and exercises. Discover the program below:

Why video?

  • How the internet is evolving into video first
  • How other companies benefit from video

What are the possibilities

  • Which kind of objectives can be linked to video
  • What are the right formats/ broadcasting channels?

Structuring and planning your video communication

  • How do I organise my video production and broadcasting

Testing the creatives and measuring the impact

  • How do I calculate the ROI of a video

Key learnings after this session:

  • You will know all the different dimensions of videomarketing
  • You will be able to put theory in practice with hands-on techniques.
  • You will have an action plan to directly improve the video communication within your company.

For who?
For business owners, marketing managers, digital marketeers and people with interest in video

For more information visit or contact us through

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