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Bring your clients Online to Offline with Affiliate Location Extensions

Affiliate location extensions were launched in April 2018 and are now available in 8 countries for general retailers : UK, USA, The Netherlands, France, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Australia, but not yet in Belgium. This option is available in UK and USA for specific sectors : car dealers, but not yet in Belgium, again.

What are affiliate location extensions

In our increasingly connected world, customers tend to automatically use Google in order to find what they are looking nearby. Affiliate local extensions represent an interesting option for all local advertisers. This functionality help customers find nearby stores that are selling the kind of product they are looking for. Advertisers can make a seltion from a large list of national retailers that may sell their products. Unlike setting up a location extension, there is no need for advertisers to link a Google My Business account to create an affiliate location extension.

How it works on the Search Network

Affiliate location extensions help retailers win new customers on the Search Network. If someone makes a research for a product on Google, the ad will show with affiliate extension. This allows the person to know where is the nearest shop where the product is sold, it can appear as an address or a map. The directions to the shop are easily shown to this person who is navigating on mobile and can easily find the shop and buy the product.

How it works on the Display Network and Youtube

Display Network and Youtube are also working for affiliate location extensions and help retailers gain new customers. Here is how it works.

  1. Someone fits the retailer’s targeting criteria and browses websites or apps on the Display Network, or watches videos on Youtube.
  2. When this person is near the area of the shop or has shown interest in the area where the retailer’s product is sold, the following happens:
  3. The retailer’s display or video ad appears on the person’s mobile along with business photos, opening hours and shop locations
  4. The person can turn into a customer for the retailer after they click on “directions” and go to the shop selling the retailer’s product

An opportunity for you

This Search, Display Network and Youtube functionality represents an interesting opportunity for retailers to drive clients to affiliate stores. If you manage major retail chains and are lucky to be located in one of the countries where affiliate location extensions are already available, you should consider to think about it for your business.


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