Media buying on best performing audience


→ Reach the biggest possible audience

→ Get this audience in theatres to watch the movie


→ 21% increased revenue

→ The Trolls movie was at the top of the charts at that time

Implemented strategy

Since the core target was fairly young, we’ve chosen to use a mix of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and made a plan with different phases, the most crucial one being the post-release phase. For this phase we wanted to focus our media buying on the best performing and most engaging platform and audience of the campaign, which required a performance comparison of the channels that were used in the previous phases. As Instagram posts are only shown on mobile and has a smaller audience, we decided to compare YouTube and Facebook.

Innovative technique

Since the buying mechanism for YouTube and Facebook is different (cost per complete view vs cost per 10 seconds view) we needed to create a new metric in order to compare both channels in a reliable way. We therefore created and calculated the cost per complete view for both channels. Thanks to this metric, it was possible to compare the costs of Facebook and YouTube views. Additionally, this also allowed us to compare costs for an engaged user, which further helped us to determine the most cost-effective channel for the post-release phase. Basically, we started with pears and apples as owned metrics, and we ended up being able to compare apples with apples.

Remarketing campaign

Last but not least, these insights helped us to optimize our post-release remarketing phase as we could prove that the audience on YouTube was more cost-effective, already more engaged (with a cost per complete view that was 33% cheaper, and a complete view through rate that was 84% higher than on Facebook) and large enough to generate a huge amount of reach thanks to the remarketing lists of a YouTube masthead.

Cherry on top

In the weekend following the post-release remarketing phase, Trolls increased its revenue by 21% compared to the opening weekend, already reaching 54% of the movie lifetime estimate and dominating all family products during the afternoon shows. And the cherry on top: only the Smurfs, a Belgian franchise, did better than the Trolls movie in terms of revenue at a similar timing, meaning Trolls was at the top of the charts at that time.

How to crunch video metrics in a reliable way to make the perfect mix media?

The release of the Trolls movie was planned during the autumn holidays, a competitive period for this type of movie. 20th Century Fox gave blue2purple the liberty to decide which media mix could best reach an as big as possible audience within the core target and re-engage with this audience in order to get it in theatres to watch the movie.