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Delhaize’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday


→ Black Friday :  increase the sales of 47% vs. average Friday

→ Cyber Monday : increase the sales of 55% vs. average Monday


→ Uplift in sales Black Friday : + 97 % vs. + 47 % target

→ Uplift in sales Cyber Monday : + 283 % vs. +55 % target

→ Uplift in New customers

  • Black Friday : + 191 %
  • Cyber Monday : + 2.287 %

→ Uplift in Revenue

  • Black Friday : + 119%
  • Cyber Monday : + 71%

A well-directed message is heard loud & clear

blue2purple decided to go all-digital. They developed an all-in-one campaign and apply a bullet-proof ‘data first’ methodology to optimize the audiences and messages and have Cyber Monday benefit from Black Friday. We proposed a single all-digital campaign in three tiers:

  1. Generic teasing (19 – 21/11)
  2. Black Friday (22 – 24/11)
  3. Cyber Monday (24 – 27/11)

The phased approach allowed us to gather data and hone and fine-tune the audiences along the way. The technologies blue2purple used were :

  1. Facebook : 49% of the budget
  2. DoubleClick : 27% of the budget
  3. Adwords : 24% of the budget
    1. Search : 15% of the budget
    2. Gmail Sponsored Promotions : 9% of the budget

The channels used… in a smart way

To do this we used teasing, prospecting and remarketing on Facebook, on Search, but also on bannering. With Gmail we used teasing and prospecting.

Each channel’s data were used for personalized (re)targeting. Use of if-function and Remarketing List of Search Ads (RLSA) in Search was implemented in order to optimize conversion rate and target achievement.

We juggled with different types of audiences and activated them at the right moment. We also used the data from the day before to optimize existing audiences and create new ones to be as efficient as possible in real time. Moreover, we used specific data collected during the Black Friday campaign to create new, cross-channel Cyber Monday audiences.

We mixed it all up to create the perfect audience. Additionally, we used lookalikes/custom audiences.
To add to the challenge, we tried to create an uplift in new customers by developing an optimized bidding strategy for known buyers vs. new customers, all with the focus on Return Op Ad Spend (ROAS).

What makes this case so unique ?

Delhaize, a traditional player, was able to stand out and achieve great performances through the noise around big happenings like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, with a limited budget, by going fully digital and being smart about timings, messages and audiences.

How to make yourself heard above all the din and noise

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two extremely important sales generators. Delhaize wanted to launch an omnichannel digital campaign while allocating a limited budget. The campaign was a resounding success in term of sales, new clients, revenue, and even generated an unexpected increase in average basket for Black Friday where the average of Black Friday is +12 %.