Business Intelligence & Strategy


→ Activate the opening of accounts/new clients

→ Achieve a minimum amount of deposits


→ The yearly goals of 2015 were already achieved by June.

No Performance Without a Global Vision

The See-Think-Do model from Kaushik Avinash was the starting point for the development of the strategy and the definition of the mediamix. Our goal was to spread the right message, to the right people, but especially through the best channel at the best time. All of this while taking into account the strengths of each channel of the mediamix. We chose to activate RTB/Programmatic and GSP (Gmail ads) in the « See » (Awareness) phase, activate Search in the « Think » (Consideration) phase and finally remarketing for search & display and affiliation were activated in the « Do » (Purchase) phase.

A Good First Impression

The awareness phase is primordial to attract potential clients to your website, this while « useless » impressions are being limited. Only « Visible » impressions were bought (cfr. viewability concept) In the context of the launch of PSA BANK we chose to work with RTB by making use of relevant and accurate targeting in the financial sector. At the same time advertising pressure was conducted by targeting content of mails such as saving account via Gmail. Result: +60% search volumes from one month to the other.

Being Present at The Right Time

Based on the viewed products and the behaviour of the website’s user, he will be remarketed with dynamic banners linked to the advertiser’s product catalogue. The user will thus see the products he already viewed, and a selection of products that match his profile, so as to push him to make a purchase, unless he already did it.

Completing the Conversion

During the « Do » phase we chose to work with affiliation, more precisely through the Zanox Platform. The advantageous rates that were offered by PSA BANK played an important role in the results of the, by affiliates, designed programs.

The remarketing contributed as well to the completion of conversions. We chose to target prospects that were already in the conversion funnel, but didn’t complete a conversion. Out of experience: A well optimized remarketing can increase the conversion volume on a website with 20%.

blue2purple and PSA BANK, a global strategy for unseen results!

PSA BANK, A new player in the bank sector had to survive in a more than hostile environment. Property of the Peugeot – Citroën group and specialized in online saving accounts, they entered the Belgian market in September 2014 and counted on blue2purple to develop their digital marketing strategy.