Driving Brand Awareness


→ Increase of brand awareness

→ Receive new job offers


→ Increase 128% in conversion volume

→ Decrease of 77% in CPA

It’s All About Strategy

We chose to develop Service A’s brand Awareness by activating bannering on the Google Display Network (GDN), which is well known for its bigger reach than Google’s Search network.

Different targeting options, like contextual, topic, affinity and audience targeting were tested. Next to that, we tested different messages and advertising formats to determine the best message for the best targeting audience.

The key is to know one’s targeting audience to define the best targeting possible to reach him.

Being There at the Right Moment

As soon as we determined the basic settings, analyses and optimization was the key to success of this campaign.

We first refined the geographical targeting options and identified what regions were performing best and increased their visibility.

We then extended our analysis to determine the best time slots. Indeed, depending on sector, product, etc., a prospect doesn’t show the same interest at the same moment of the day.

Our objective, optimize the readability of these campaigns, being present with the right message at the right time.

What was the impact on Search

We measured the impact of our bannering campaign on the conversion volume of our Brand Search Campaign. Did more Internet users conduct search queries on information about Service A after seeing our banners?

The answer is yes. We noticed an increase of 128% in conversion volume on the brand, and a decrease of the cost per acquisition of 77%

The most surprising were the GDN Campaigns themselves, that generated direct conversions.

How increasing your brand awareness has a positive impact on your conversion volume

The recruitment sector is very competitive online. Especially because it is about winning a double challenge: Develop brand awareness both towards potential candidates as employers. This to maintain the balance between job requests and job offers. This goal is being hindered due to the niche market this recruitment agency works in : Architecture, construction and real estate.