Driving Offline Sales


→ Evaluate the effect of online campaigns on Offline sales.

→ Increase the number of customers in-store.


→ Increase of 19% of in-store visitors thanks to GSP & Search campaigns.

→ Increase of 6% of in-store visitors thanks to RTB campaigns

Used Strategies

The implemented strategy consists of two parts : pull and push.

To comply with a need of visibility, GDN campaigns (catalog lightbox), GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions), RTB and preroll were put in place. At the same time, Search campaigns were developed to secure a continuous presence of the brand, when a user shows an interest in the products.

The combination of engagement ads, emailing, bannering and video led to reach bigger and better qualified target audiences.

Direct Contact with the

The goal of the first wave was to gain direct contact with the prospect. For this reason, we chose to work with Catalog Lightbox and GSP.
This first tool allowed us to dispatch the product catalog of the advertiser around his outlets
The second looks like classic emailing, in Gmail’s interface.

These campaigns had a positive impact on the number of clients. In five weeks, the store visits increased with 19%.

The Launch of RTB

Real Time Bidding consists of the purchase of publicity space in real time. This provides the possibility to target Internet users based on specific characteristics.

After the launch of RTB we noticed an increase in the visits to physical stores (+6%) with a peak around the launch period. Afterwards, we noticed an instant drop of store visits when the RTB campaigns were stopped.

Impact of Video

The average value of the basket in-stores increased due to the boosts with preroll videos during February/March and April/May.

Indeed, The average Basket increased with 9% during the first phase and 9,4% during the second one.

How to reconcile online and offline? Boost your store visits thanks to digital marketing

What was the impact of Online campaigns on offline sales? That was the issue the brand Redmarket, who only uses their website in a communicative way, where it is impossible to order products, was facing.

blue2purple and Redmarket developed a partnership with the goal to measure the impact of online strategies on the behavior of customers in-store.