E-Commerce Growth


→ Communicate about the new positioning

→ Increase the sale of tickets


→ +134% conversion volume

→ Brand notoriety increased with 24%

Implemented Strategies

All digital channels oriented towards performance marketing have been called upon to achieve the settled objectives; fully measurable actions from an ROI point of view.

The online campaign was reinforced by some traditional offline channels (radio, advertisement, and outdoor billboard)

Regarding more particularly to the online communication, it included e-mailing, SEA, Facebook, GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) and bannering. All the results were gathered in a platform for more in depth analysis. These different channels were used in combination with a nonlinear attribution model.

Attribution Model

The attribution model consists of considering a media mix as a football team, in which everyone collectively participates in the conversion. In other words, it’s not the last media that records the sale that is the only one responsible for that sale; it results in the contribution of all the channels.

Thereby, instead of only measuring the last conversion realized for example via Adwords or Facebook, it’s essential to analyse every medias’ performance to better understand the users’ path in order to maximize the advertisers’ media investment.

Team Effort

Sources that displayed the best sales performances (the last click) are the SEA (AdWords, GDN, GSP), the SEO (Organic Google) and the direct traffic.

GSP is much more powerful than the conventional Bannering because it is similar to the emailing. The GSP generates performances that are twice as high as the classic display, while acting as a conversion and commitment format as well.

The facebook platform helped us recruiting numerous new customers. This previously relatively untapped channel has allowed us to specifically target high potential passengers.

This online strategy, that was supported by offline media, paid of : the conversion rate increased by 134%.

We have also noticed that the brand notoriety grew with 24% during a whole quarter (based on the Q3 2013 Vs Q3 2014 search volume on Google).

How an attribution model helps with increasing brand awareness and the number of sales?

When the national company Brussels Airlines launched “low-fare” tickets in order to correspond better to the market’s offer, they opted for a tailored communication strategy that was deployed over the different digital performance marketing channels. Result: loads of conversions that led to increasing sales.