International E-Commerce


→ Raise the sales volume worldwide

→ Lower the acquisition cost of new clients


→ Increase of 26% of the AdWords campaigns’ ROI

→ Decrease of 25% of the CPA

Implemented Strategies

Specialised in Performance Marketing, blue2purple had the main objective to raise Lacie’s sales volume worldwide through its e-commerce website, according to the stock status in every country where LaCie is present.

We adopted a few different strategies. To start, in order to boost conversions (sales) on LaCie’s website, we used DS3, a tool that allows to advertise only on products that are in stock. We also used remarketing to air ads to users who visited the website, but didn’t make a purchase.

Inventory Management Tool

To stimulate sales on the website, blue2purple used DS3 and its Inventory Management tool of the Google Suite, which allows to advertise on the entire stock through the Google AdWords platform, in realtime.

“We do not show ads to users when a product is not available, or not available anymore, on the website », explains Laurence Baeten. « This inventory is updated daily, in order to permanently optimise the media budget invested by LaCie in AdWords. If a product is out of stock, the campaign linked to it stops immediately”.


In addition to this dynamic stock management, blue2purple also used remarketing, a technique that allows to air a new advertising message to users who left the site without buying or finishing their purchase.

“This message is tailored to the client’s place in the traditionnal buying cycle”, adds Stéphane Jamin, Channel Marketing Supervisor. “We can thus give specific incentives to the client as well as a new motivation to come back to our website“.

How performance marketing helped LaCie to increase its worldwide sales?

LaCie, a giant in storage devices, entrusted blue2purple with the management of its worldwide AdWords campaigns. The results: a spectacular increase in the return on investment and a decrease in the cost per acquisition of new clients.