The power of data in Audience Targeting


→ Increase the conversion rate for prospecting campaigns

→ Increase the engagement rate for these campaigns


→ 103% increase in the conversion rate

→ 52% increase in CTR (click-through rate)

First Party Data

As a specialist in performance marketing, blue2purple was tasked with increasing the conversion rate for Brussels Airline’s ticket sales to European destinations, in a strongly price-oriented market. To meet this challenge, we decided to work with First Party Data using Google Analytics 360.

This powerful tool enabled us to collect an audience of people who had previously booked flights with Brussels Airlines, while narrowing the cost of the flights down to a particular budget range in order to create an audience that was particularly attracted to advantageous flights. When this was set up, all we had to do was to create another audience of people with similar behavior, while excluding the original group.

DoubleClick display campaign

The display campaign was managed using various programs in the DoubleClick suite. Combining Analytics 360 with programmatic allowed us to reach the targeted audience anywhere on the Web.

After that it was just a question of showing them the right message in the right place and at the right time. Analytics 360 is one of the most powerful data harvesting and analysis tools on the market. It allows us to identify the different segments of customers who are interested in one or more products, whether or not they have actually made a purchase.

The quest for performance

The successful outcome of this campaign was made possible by our mastery of the most advanced tools in the field of programmatic, be it DoubleClick for setting up campaigns or Analytics 360 for harvesting and analyzing First Party Data.

The combination of these tools enabled us to run a high-performance campaign since it was built around a high-quality audience. This led to significant gains in performance in terms of both conversions (+103%) and click-through rate (+52%).

How we used First Party Data to improve conversions by … 103 %

Brussels Airlines wanted to increase the conversion rate for its European destinations. To reach this goal, we opted for Analytics 360. This non-sampling, real-time data harvesting and analysis tool by Google let us identify a high-quality audience. After that, targeting similar profiles became standard practice. Result: the conversion rate literally took off!