How automation increases conversion rates


→ Increase the volume of online sales in spite of inventory restrictions

→ Develop an automated AdWords ads creation process


→ 200% increase in sales

→ 24% growth in CTR (click-through rate)

Our chosen strategy

Online sales of wines and spirits are subject to numerous restrictions regarding digital inventory. Only profiles corresponding to Google’s limited “Adults Policy” criteria are eligible. Since the SEA distribution channel has a clearly-identified inventory, we chose to go with AdWords. All we needed to do after that was ensure that the “calls to action” were sufficiently efficient and innovative so as to not be lost in the volume of messages from other players. The differentiation criteria selected was “100% relevancy”. Delhaize Wineworld’s entire catalog was indexed via a flow updated in real time. In this way, all searches relating to a wine reference would trigger the display of a Delhaize ad, which was subject to the available stock for a specific reference.

Automation as a solution

Creating an automated ad generation process based on the flow of Delhaize Wineworld products enabled the placement of an unlimited number of ads with regard to available stocks. The automated composition of each message used the exact reference name, the price and the destination URL, thus creating a deep link to a single landing page. What if the product was on sale? The ad would update the price in real time. What if the reference was out of stock? The message would change to offer a similar alternative. No room for error! No more delayed updating!

Incontestable results

This operation mainly aimed to increase the sales volume. And it certainly did! In the first week, sales skyrocketed by 200% while Cost Per Acquisition dropped by 62%. This trend continued in the weeks following the launch of the operation and had a positive impact on all the branded campaigns, with an overall Return on Investment that went from 10 to 15. In addition, the automated ad generation process generated more visibility: +69% in the impression rate and +24% in the click-through rate. The amazing performances recorded lead us to believe that we are only witnessing the beginnings of automation and that it represents the future in terms of improved use of campaign management resources.

Switching to an automated advertisement renewal process increased Delhaize Wineworld’s sales tenfold.

Positioning a longstanding actor in a sector that is not only highly competitive but also must deal with inventory dissemination constraints – this was blue2purple’s challenge when it launched the latest Delhaize Wineworld campaign. By re-inventing a new process for optimizing ads, efficiency and innovation rivaled each other in terms of performance.