Using Third-Party Data to boost audience


→ Boost the number of qualified views to attract the widest possible audience

→ Generate awareness to attract viewers to the site


→ TrueView format, 30 seconds or more, skippable after 5 seconds, with a qualified view rate of 23.84 % of Ben Affleck fans and 17.83% for people who like thrillers
→ TrueView format, 30 seconds or more, skippable after 5 seconds, with a qualified view rate of 27.92% of hip-hop fans (of which 30.11% were women and 25.74% were men!)

“Competition is tough every Wednesday. Mixing data from musical audiences with movie tastes was a winning bet. To stimulate qualitative interest in a target identified as “thriller fans”, we tested new audiences, blended inventories and dared to tickle movie-goers’ curiosity.”

Deidre Keustermans | Marketing Director @ 20th Century Fox

Going beyond the obvious

Live by Night is by definition THE Ben Affleck film. From writing to direction and to co-production, he took every risk while also acting in it. The action takes place among the 1920’s Boston mafia, during the Prohibition years.

Affleck plays the son of the chief of police, who is even more of a gangster than the boss of the local mob. The simple approach would have been to create an audience relating to the “Thriller” category and retarget the identified amateurs for this genre. We decided to get off of the beaten path.

Choice of target audiences

Aside from the typical fan bases like “thriller fans” or “Ben Affleck fans”, we opted for a personalized “men media” audience targeting men who like Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead, etc.

In addition, we tested unusual targets like people who identify with certain musical genres. And we hit the bull’s eye with “hip-hop fans”. That was unexpected for a gangster movie! Having a special budget for testing is best practice in our media plans.

A surprising result

Monitoring the results of an unusual audience in real time is the only way to manage the risk of experimenting with new inventories.

Programmatic’s technology lets you keep up with results on an hourly basis and thus detect unusual audiences.

When unexpected musical targeting results in high-performance Cinema audiences

For the release of its movie Live by Night, 20th Century Fox asked blue2purple to select the most appropriate audiences to maximize the outreach and visibility of its trailers. Simple enough, at first – but the audiences associated with the “Thriller” category were not the highest-performing ones.