Using audience to get optimal ROAS


→ Optimize the return on ad spending (ROAS)

→ Maximize tire sales


→ 10.64 ROAS for the full campaign

→ +96% turnover and +97% sales volume with respect to the same campaign YoY

Before coming to Auto 5, there are a lot of good reasons to choose us. Anticipating requests for service, planning the stock, offering the best service in our tire mounting stations, etc. Everything that allows us to improve the customer’s experience at Auto 5 is taken into account. Positioning on specific audiences and analyzing our core target’s behaviors is the best way for us to most efficiently meet their needs.

Pierre-Alain Tapernoux | Digital & Consumer Marketing Manager

Creating similar audiences

blue2purple started with Facebook Lookalike and DoubleClick Similar audiences to create profiles of people with similar behavior from a customer match in the Auto 5 database.

Using an in- market audience for tires (targeting to identify people who had shown an interest in buying over the 30 previous days) in association with an audience based on the semantic universes of competing brands resulted in new, high-quality audiences for this campaign advertising free mounting with the purchase of two tires.

The power of prospecting and remarketing

To successfully conclude this mission, we used a two-step strategy: prospecting and remarketing. The prospecting and awareness step was based on in-market targeting for tires on the Facebook and DoubleClick platforms.

The more aggressive remarketing step retargeted people who had viewed the ad page or had added to their basket without converting. These two steps took place at the same time so as to also be able to remarket those who had visited the page through other channels (like direct search) and then retarget visitors acquired during the prospecting phase.

Results that exceeded expectations

To the client’s great satisfaction, we exceeded the initial business objectives, with a return on ad spending (ROAS) of 10.64 for the entire campaign.

This means that for each euro spent on the campaign, Auto 5 earned €10.64.

The ROAS for the Facebook remarketing even reached 29.79! This was unquestionably a high-performance campaign based on quality audiences !

How can you set up a campaign to maximize sales while optimizing your ROAS ?

Car accessories specialists Auto 5 partnered with blue2purple for their seasonal ad campaign: free mounting with the purchase of two tires. The goal of this cross-channel campaign? Put an end to silo diffusion to maximize sales volume and get optimal ROAS.