Media-Mix Strategy


→ Increase its webshop’s turnover

→ Optimize its costs (CPA)


→ Increase of 94% in the turnover

→ Decrease of 39% in the CPA

Implemented Strategies

A strategy based on a maximum online presence and a total referencing of its product catalog, while considering the daily offer evolution: available stock, special ICI PARIS XL offers, actions decided by the brands, …

We have used various tools to concretely apply this strategy: automatic referencing of the catalog with Addexing, Shopping Campaigns that include a picture of the desired product Dynamic SearchAds and, last but not least, Dynamic Remarketing.

Real Time Referencing

Addexing automatically references the entire product catalogue based on a data stream. It creates keywords based off new references, and, finally, it automatically updates the right products, prices, and destination URLs in the adtext.

Shopping Campaigns show ads containing the product’s image, its name and price in a separate space on the right of the user’s search interface. It allows a “double-serving” of the ads, which means that two Shopping ads from the same advertiser can be shown together, as well as along a classic adtext.

Being a Step Ahead

Search Dynamic campaigns are not triggered through lists of keywords, but the interface scans the content of the webpages and defines semantic universes matching the advertiser’s thematic. If an Internet user is searching for a keyword that is missing from the advertiser’s AdWords this tool shows an advertisment.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Forgotten

Based on the viewed products and the behaviour of the website’s user, he will be remarketed with dynamic banners linked to the advertiser’s product catalogue. The user will thus see the products he already viewed, and a selection of products that match his profile, so as to push him to make a purchase, unless he already did it.

How real-time dynamic campaigns, in combination with a thought out strategy, can improve your turnover

ICI PARIS XL, a well-known perfume shops group, has invested wisely in its webshop technology. This business sector – quite atypical due to the sensory side of the products they offer – encourages the customer to discover perfumes, test make-up colours and compare textures before buying. The only exceptions to this rule are some particular periods when people exchange gifts: Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.