How to create a social friendly video in 7 steps?

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Digital video consumption grows daily and brands turn to online video advertising next to their traditional offline campaigns.  Just measuring your video views only won’t show you the value of your video.  These tips will [...]

What is Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization?

By |2019-07-24T08:56:40+00:00July 24th, 2019|

If you followed social media marketing news recently, you might have seen the term CBO, or “Campaign Budget Optimization” pop up here and there. The feature appeared a few months ago for advertisers, and Facebook [...]

Nathan, our Social Advertising Expert, always one step ahead

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Nathan Schneider, our amazing Social Advertising Expert became Facebook Marketing Consultant today by adding the Facebook Marketing Consultants - Bronze Certification to his panel 😎 Facebook Marketing Consultants are carefully vetted for expertise and for [...]

Snapchat, an ever-increasing competitor to GAFA?

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Advertising in mobile applications has become the new reality for the actors of online marketing. Giants like YouTube or Facebook are the masters of this specific environment, but other platforms such as Snapchat, are also [...]