How Search helps you find what you see…

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Google Lens, a new way to obtain what you desire in a click. This gives an endless occasion to explore what’s around you. This system has been produced in order to give the opportunity to [...]

When Search meets Social

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© https://www.e-prophetic.com/ There has been a significant backlash against comments in the past couple of years, with many sites dispensing with comments completely, and trying to push those conversations to social media instead. Google thinks [...]

Reach drives orchestrated marketing

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© https://kadm.in/ To create a brand marketing strategy, you need to evaluate who could be interested in it. It is important to understand exactly how and why people comment, like or share content. But, this [...]

Conquer the retail peak with… Search

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The end-of-year rush has a real impact on customer’s shopping experience. Customers are curious, demanding and impatient especially during this period. They want to get useful advice and answers, expecting personal relevance but they also [...]

Acquisition Device Report, new way to track you down

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© https://www.tradedoubler.com/fr Google Analytics launched Acquisition Device report. It gives the opportunity to understand the customer’s journey on all devices they use. It connects data from multiple sessions to see the complete conversion process from [...]