Chatbot or how to pamper customers ?

Chatbots are gaining popularity in the business world, because of their direct, personal and fluent user experience. You’re in direct contact with your customers. Why would you continue sending clients to another webpage for a transaction if it risky to lose them?

A chatbot is an instant integrated message program which is capable to answer questions and expectations of your customers. It helps you to create a personal bond with visitors of your webpage. Available 24/7, 100% automated, it offers the impression to customers to be pampered. It allows :

  1. Attract new clients
  2. Facilitate the purchasing process
  3. Aftersales and warranty service
  4. Enhance the corporate image
  5. Differentiate you from your competitors
  6. Gain time and efficiency

For example, Pengo is a new online service which manage mobile payments between private individuals via chat apps. The point is to pay without exchanging bank details, the payment itself can be done from all Belgian banks through the bancontact app or with another bank app.

Since the rise of mobile messenger technology and artificial intelligence its no surprise that the chatbots are too and might even become a revolution. blue2purple is ready to embrace it and integrate it with your businesses.

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