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ClickZ Toronto: Wrap-up


So we’ve had the chance to spend a few days in Toronto to follow the ClickZ Live conference!

Next to the fact that we’ve discovered that Toronto is Canada’s largest city, that this amazing city is home to a population of about 2.8 million people, and that it’s also a centre for business, finance, culture & arts, we’ve also learned many things about digital.

Various informative tweets were posted on our Twitter account, but this wrap-up will give you the opportunity to understand them in a fully integrated context.


“Dare to data…” Personally we think this was the most powerful part of the conference. Today everything revolves around the data you have, but unfortunately we often notice that this data is tracked to boost people’s egos instead of pushing a business forward. We firmly believe that if you base your entire marketing efforts on vanity metrics, you will get nowhere. So what if you gained 500 likes through a campaign, or if you have 10M prints at a CPM of €3? If your business can’t take action out of these insights, you are relying on the wrong insights.


It’s important to use your data to create a better customer experience, improve your content, get more results. Do you know what type of message is performing better? Are you posting too much content on your social media, or not enough? What’s your customer engagement? What’s this engagement bringing to your business?

A/B testing, Attribution modeling, the Customer buying cycle,… Those aren’t terms we’ve just introduced today. If understood and applied well, they’ll help you grow your business.

Did you know that the average engagement rate is 306% higher when a video is used in a Twitter post? Even more so, if you own video content, did you know that 76% of people who watch videos online say Facebook is their top source?


Be customer centric in your approach. Knowing that 49% of the US population will be using mobiles for searches, a mobile website is now more than a must-have, it’s an imperative. It’s true, these are numbers from the US, a market more advanced than the Belgian one… but make no mistake, this will be the case here as well, before you even realize it (today, for some belgian advertisers mobile already accounts for 30% of their traffic).
And last but not least, Google Toronto informed us that Search Remarketing (RLSA) is finally available in combination with Google Analytics’ audiences. This will give you the opportunity to target your bids on Search even better according to the audience type that is looking for you. We’re still figuring out if this can also be applied to Belgium, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted about this !

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