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Collaborative ads increases your market share… But how?

Today, consumer’s shopping journey is growing more omni-channel with an emphasis on digital. The online part is growing… and fast. Facebook creates collaborative ads, but what’s the purpose? Maximise retail and brand partnerships to reach and convert more shoppers. The concept of brand collaborations is a strategic alliance between 2 or more brands in order to curate a particular product or service to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The collaborative ads help retailers to empower brands to run performance marketing campaigns for their products, to drive sales on their website or mobile app. Retailers who have set up campaigns with dynamic ads can create a segment in their catalogue in order to show to customers the right products. They will be able to target those people because they have shown an interest on the retailer’s site, app or elsewhere on the internet.

Forbes says 94% of senior marketing executives believe delivering personalization is important to reach customers. But what are the benefits for marketers to use that kind of ads?

  • You can show specifics products to people who are likely to purchase
  • Drive traffic to your website or app
  • Optimise their ads for online sales of their products
  • Measure the impact of your campaigns on conversions

Concerning the business itself, with collaborative ads, retailers will be able to create partnerships with brands safely and increase their market share, expand the reach of their collaborative campaigns and generate more sales. They will also be able to share their knowledge and widen their customer base.

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