Consumer behavior : Could the Coronavirus be a lever of change in the digital world?

When you are confronted with an abnormal situation like the one we are experiencing at the moment, we are subject to lifestyle changes. Your audience is changing their consumption and habits. They stockpile elements, they use multiple devices at the same time, they are no longer frequenting the places they used to go in order to avoid the mass population such as public places. 


We have noticed some new ways people are consuming media but also how they organise themselves. Gen Zs are the ones who have done drastic changes to their daily life, this is true for almost 90% of them according to Global Web Index. For example, they are reading the news more frequently than social media at the moment (40% of them in the UK and US according to Global Web Index). 


An opportunity to target this audience could be the use of programmatic advertising which offers you the opportunity to advertise on news websites. Due to the increasing amount of information we get and due to this crisis situation, the information centres are sending more and more links to articles on their sites on which advertising space is available.


But the necessity to belong to a group is always a source of comfort, we also noticed that consumers are using more and more apps and Facebook to connect with others or to get more information about the pandemic such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Zoom, Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. 

Which means as we said earlier that giving accurate information and redirection to suitable pages on Facebook or on Google Ads are really key elements in maintaining brand-customer trust


To meet the needs of your audience, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself the following questions:

– What information would I like to see about the brand

– Will I receive my package on time? 

– Will I get a refund for my concert? 



Being in the shoes of your audience represents a competitive advantage by keeping contact with your audience and answer their questions or needs.

People are in need of reassurance and you have to be that source of reassurance by giving all the information necessary which requires ease of use, quick access to your customers’ informational or material needs while always remaining at their disposal and responding as quickly as possible to their needs. 

This can be done through different channels, different ways of doing advertising. For example, you are aware that your audience is young, keen on gaming, using Whatsapp and Facebook messenger and surfing on news websites. As an advertiser, you will be able to target them on the right tools and on multiple devices such as advertising on streaming television and gaming apps.

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