COVID-19 : What’s the impact on consumer’s behavioral change and on the management of your ads?

Are you confined to your home? For most of us, we have to be. This outbreak is changing our day-to-day lives. It also improves our daily work and the core of businesses by the relocation of production sites, for example. As workers, you usually shop during the weekend. But what could you do when you are stuck at home without any chance to do groceries, to buy your summer outfit, or even your toilet paper as you usually do? 

People turn onto online search and news to get answers to their questions and solutions to their unusual needs. The easiest way to get your stuff is to buy online, and the easiest way to get information about the virus is online as well. 

It pushes everyone to turn massively online. That’s why blue2purple analyzed the best way to communicate through online campaigns.


Back in 2008, with the economic crisis, companies had already shifted budget to digital marketing and in-depth analysis of the performance of their strategies. A question then emerges: Could the Coronavirus be a lever of change in the digital world? 


In the coming weeks, we are going to give you the best practices, tips, and insights required to understand your consumer’s behavior, their fears, but also the opportunities and consequences that you could handle during this pandemic. 


To expand our current knowledge about marketing strategy during this kind of exceptional situation, we based ourselves on studies from the Global Web Index and WordStream. They analyze how people are reacting, what their behaviors are moving towards, how this pandemic has an impact on businesses. They examine society by splitting people by age groups and their income revenue. Other resources are available for you as well at the end of each article.


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