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Digital Marketing at the service of advertisers

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. It’s also necessary that advertisers can adopt an adequate digital strategy. Gaëtan Godart, Director at blue2purple, details the latest trends.

“The Google AdWords platform was a pioneer in digital marketing optimization. It was one of thefirst actors to measure the return on investment (ROI) of advertising budgets. Along with webmetrics tools such as Google Analytics, it’s possible to generate campaign reports, including for example the cost of production or delivery. This provides the e-merchant with a tool that is capable of measuring the profit generated from A to Z.

The digital market has evolved spectacularly. The ability to communicate via Facebook, Youtube, etc … has created opportunities to access larger inventories and to target more precisely. Today, the real difference is that targeting. You can target a specific person rather than a whole website and this presents the advertiser with a lot of choices about who to target and with which message.”

Enriching the future actions

“This refined targeting also permits the advertiser to invest less in media while at the same time reaching a larger, more qualitative audience. Economizing on collecting or using data from a campaign isn’t an option anymore. Because collecting this data is very important as it allows to optimize and to improve future campaigns. This, then results in a better targeting that is also more cost-efficient.

Besides the access to different inventories, there are countless alternatives: optimizing the follow-up of e-mailing campaigns, making websites dynamic in function of the visitor … The challenge for the e-merchant is to make the right decisions, driven by the data and the numbers.”

Measuring the ROI

“At blue2purple, it is inconceivable to launch a campaign without setting up a tracking system to measure the ROI of the actions. Ultimately, understanding how different traffic sources interact results in the best media mix.

If an advertiser does not have the internal resources to develop effective campaigns, it’s essential to partner with an agency. However, it can never substitute the advertiser. Therefore, it is important to have a regular exchange to understand the results and to build success together. That’s the reason why we, at blue2purple are constantly ‘educating’ our advertisers. In the end, transparency in the actions taken and in the media bought is a key factor in choosing an agency.”

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Translated from www.acheteronline.be. Article writes by Olivier Clinckart.

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